• Reinforced Aluminum-poly film

Model: SF/Z-140 Specification: width of 1500mm, 1000mm   Object Protection: non-metal materials, metal combinations



Product description:Reinforced aluminum-poly film is one kind of aluminum coated material, characterised with high barrier and good physical strength, sealability and electromagnetism assistance.
Product application:
After packing metal products, reinforced aluminum-poly film can effectively obstruct entry to packing space from oxygen, water, aggressive gas, dirt and sunshine. Assorting with desiccant, it can fully prevent metal against corrosion, and alleviate the aging of rubber and plastic products under the seal condition, mainly designed for protection packaging of large machinery and exports, such as machine tools, military , textile, printing, rubber processing and packing equipment, compressor and engine.
Storage:Stores in the cool and dry place, keeps the packing airproof.
                   The shelf life is 12 months.